Orange County Gourd Society


Annual Patch Activities/Events/Community Service

* Orange County Fair
* We serve Orange County and surrounding communities such as Long Beach, Corona/Norco and Diamond Bar area.
* Classes, Speakers Bureau Lectures, Demonstrations, Art Exhibits and Craft Sales at Community Events
* See Patch website for more information

Contact Information:

Orange County Gourd Society

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 Patch County:  

Costa Mesa, CA

 Patch Meeting Location:  

Susan Sullivan

 Patch Coordinator:  

Susan Sullivan

 Patch Primary Contact: 

714 293-4705 or 714 997-4482



Norrah Andersen

 Patch Assistant Coordinator:

714 641-8124



 Patch Website Address:


 Patch Meetings:

3rd Saturday of each month from 10 - 3

 Day of the Month:

NOTE: The date and location are subject to change. Call to rsvp and get directions.

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